Konnectclub | An all-in-one event booking platform


Manage Events

Create and manage your event listings in one place. Share branded links, embed powerful widgets on your website for an immersive white-label integration.


Sell Tickets

Quickly enable a full ticket-checkout, end-to-end payment processing, QR coded tickets, tiered subscriptions, subscriber log-in and much more, all on your own website.


Grow Subscribers

Every transaction builds your future marketing audience without any additional efforts. Built-in social features get your first-time customers hooked via event updates, comments, picture/video sharing, reviews and much more.


Build Loyalty

Step up from simple newsletters. Enjoy the leverage of an an intelligent CRM system  to keep your customers engaged through personalized email updates, intelligent reminders, invitations for future events and much more. 


Features at a glance


Event Listing

Interactive multi form-factor event page and Calendar

Easy integration via branded and co-branded links

Embedded Widgets for your Website and Blog for Seamless Brand Integration

Automatic marketing exposure to 1000’s of Konnectclub members and our Affiliate Networks


Event Ticketing

Enable full service Ticket Checkout with customer log-in, Walk-Ins, Subscriptions and more

Create Price Variants By Tiers - Early Bird, Special Discounts

Control availability by time, customer segmentation, demand

Drive your promotion campaigns with secure and selective discount codes


Automatic Emails

Customers receive beautifully designed emails with ticket confirmation, Payment receipt, Event Details, Check-in reminder, Rating request, Pictures/Videos/informational updates shared by your staff

Your Staff can opt-in for business notifications such as ticket purchase, customer comments etc.


Ticket Scanning

Instant scanning and ticket validation for QR coded digital tickets

Works with Any iOS and Android phone

Add as many door staff on your account as needed, Unlimited access without any fees

Check-ins recorded and automatically synchronized across all devices by all staff



Create Monthly, Yearly or Series subscriptions with fine grained controls on terms, entitlements and pricing

associate Ticket Offers with one or more subscriptions. Discounts will be automatically applied during check-out

Embed Subscriptions, Events and Log-in/Sign-up Widgets on your own website.


Live STreaming

Enable Live Streaming for a high-quality virtual event experience at no extra charge.

Sell tickets like a regular event, only your paid customers will have access to your Live Stream.


Order Management

View and manage ticket orders and payment receipts

Issue refunds with one click without any fee. Refunds are issued back to your customers card within few days

Allow guest check-out, Walk-in/Phone-in order, ticket transfers

Get paid Quickly via ACH Direct Deposit. Choose the Payment Schedule that suits your business need


Customer EngaGEment

built-in CRM Platform allows you to send customer broadcast, 1:1 messages, subscriber updates and much more

Track communication history and staff notes for each customer, share with team members

Post updates about your upcoming events, new offers, noteworthy news. Easily Connect with your existing Email Campaign.


One-Stop Dashboard

Event calendar keeps track of all your events in one place

Engagement feed shows relevant information about how your customers are engaging with your events and your brand

Financials help you track all transactions happening under your account and you can also get a quick summary


Team Members

Share the responsibility, Add as many Team Members to your Business Account as needed

Select appropriate role for each team member -Administrator, Business Manager, Event Coordinator and Contributor

Invite Event Hosts on-demand or add them to the team for repeat engagement

Businesses We Work With

Our booking platform works great for a wide variety of booking and ticketing scenarios, business models and industry segments.

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Live Music

2583 - Cocktail.jpg

Bars &


2595 - Speaker.jpg

dance Studios

2615 - DJ.jpg



And many more …

Konnectclub platform has helped our Event get 55% more customers; thanks to the client management tool where we can keep all customers engaged and aware of new events!




You Pay

No Monthly or recurring cost. No Commitment or contract. You will have full access to your account Dashboard, Marketing tools and all features all the time.


Your Customers Pay

Our simple, no-surprise Transaction Processing Fees, with all Card fees included, is one of the lowest in the industry. Pass the fees to your customer or absorb it in your cost. Note: a minimum fee of 50¢ per transaction applies.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can konnectclub accommodate walk-ins and existing reservations without overlapping?

Yes, with Konnectclub’s integrated CRM software all orders are tracked in the same place so there’s no chance for overlapping.

How is Konnectclub booking system integrated on websites?

It is done via links or a direct embedding of a konnectclub booking widget. No developer or coding needed.

Does Konnectclub offer a free trial?

Absolutely! Konnectclub is free to try, no commitments required!

Does Konnectclub offer integration with other customer management platforms?

YES! Konnectclub can be customized for any business model and their needs.

Can you handle orders made over phone or by walk-ins?

Mostly definitely! Konnectclub allows any information to be entered into the system, and tickets can be created and delivered in any format.

Can customers still receive discounts when purchasing tickets via the konnectclub platform?

Absolutely! Konnectclub can accommodate any rates through customizable ticketing tiers.

Can I create my own events or do I have to use Konnectclub pre-set events?

You will be creating your own events and selling tickets for them.

Does Konnectclub support multiple users per account?

YES! You can add an unlimited number of your staff members with role tailored access to your business account. Your staff members can have different roles, such as usherers (performing door ticket scans), marketing strategists (sharing periodic event updates), event coordinators (managing event schedules), finance managers (watching over your ticket sales) etc.

Does Konnectclub have an app?

YES! We have apps for both Android and iOS that would allow you to monitor your events, scan tickets at the door, share quick updates, and perform many other tasks.

What makes Konnectclub better than other platforms?

Konnectclub offers a unique omnichannel solution. From group packages, to reservation and payment systems, we offer an all-in-one easy to use platform.


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